Eleanor Imster

Microplastics found in sea turtle nesting sand

Researchers have found microplastics deep in the sand on beaches where sea turtles lay their eggs.

Baby giraffes inherit spot patterns from mom

A new study suggests spot patterns are linked to survival rates of young giraffes.

Zap! Lightning strikes Empire State Building

Lightning strikes New York City’s Empire State Building and One World Trade Center.

Arctic sea ice reaches 2018 minimum

On both September 19 and 23, Arctic sea ice dropped to its minimum extent of 1.77 million square miles (4.59 million square km). The 2018 minimum ties for the 6th-lowest in the satellite record.

Microbes catch a ride on fog

When fog rolls in, it can bring along communities of airborne microorganisms, says a new study. Moisture in fog allows microbes to last longer than they would in dry air.

Moon and fogbow

Fogbows – sometimes called white rainbows, cloudbows or ghost rainbows – are made much in the way as rainbows.

Study untangles role of pollution, smoke on thunderclouds

Smoky air makes it harder for thunderclouds to grow. But pollution – if it’s not too heavy – energizes their growth, according to a new study based on satellite data.

Sunset over England

Sam Kelly captured Thursday’s sunset over the Abberton Reservoir in Essex, England.

The sun in 2 wavelengths

How our sun looks in 2 different wavelengths at the same time.

Hello autumn!

The sun bursting through autumn leaves in Allaire State Park in New Jersey.