Eleanor Imster
Rotating gray blob, with an orange blob in the top left corner.

Cool! Watch swirling storm on Jupiter

Watch a giant, spiraling storm in Jupiter’s southern hemisphere in this animation, made from images taken by the Juno spacecraft.

Zodiacal light, Montana

The zodiacal light over Montana in February 2019.

Mullinger Swamp, South Australia

A hot night, and a cool night sky reflection.

Two physicists looking at a blackboard covered with equations

Listen: Is our universe a hologram?

A scientist explains one of the most mind-blowing ideas in physics in under 5 minutes.

A person in a red jacket photographing the night sky. Milky Way stars reflecting in desert's dry lake bed.

Stargazing destinations: Oregon

Here’s the 2nd video in the Chasing Darkness series, a stargazing destination guide. This episode: Skies over Oregon’s Cascade Mountains and Alvord Desert.

Polar vortex 2019 photos and videos

Here’s a glimpse of what the bone-chilling conditions in the U.S. Midwest this week look like.

A few favorite snowflake photos

We asked last week at EarthSky Community Photos for your snowflake images, then sat back and were dazzled by the beautiful and amazing photos you posted!

Yellow half circle on black background with white ring and a spacecraft in the middle of the image.

Saturn hasn’t always had rings

New findings suggest that Saturn’s rings formed only 10 to 100 million years ago, during the earthly age of the dinosaurs.

Easter Island monument mystery solved?

Researchers have long wondered why ancient people built the famous Easter Island monuments where they did.

Silhouettes of a man with his arming raised to throw, and 3 golden retrievers, on a beach against a yellow-orange sunset background.


Seaside, Oregon, at sunset.

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