Eleanor Imster

Advice from an astronaut

For anyone who wants to grow up and be an astronaut …. here’s a lovely video with advice from ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano.

Two hemispheres, one on left with yellow patches and arc-shaped splashes, one on right very plain.

Solar Cycle 25 Is here

The sun has passed from one of its 11-year activity cycles into another. Scientists predict the new cycle – Solar Cycle 25 – will be about as calm as the previous one.

Northern Hemisphere just had its hottest summer on record

Not only was August 2020 the 2nd-warmest August on record, but the Northern Hemisphere had its warmest summer on record, and the globe as a whole had its 3rd-hottest 3-month season.

5 active cyclones in the Atlantic

Satellite image shows 5 tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean at the same time for only 2nd time in history.

Amazon River from space

Video tour – via satellite – of the Amazon River meandering through the Amazon rainforest in South America.

Smiling turtle close-up.

Return of Myanmar’s smiling turtle

Need something to smile about? Here’s a story about smiling turtles saved from extinction in Myanmar.

Why some rain falls so hard

Some rainstorms drench you in a second, while others drop rain in a nice peaceful drizzle. A meteorologist explains how rainstorms can be so different.

Surprising number of exoplanets could host life

A new study suggests that distant stars in our Milky Way galaxy might be orbited by as many as 7 Earth-like planets, in the absence of a gas giant planet like Jupiter.

A shiny green ball on a black background.

Images show Martian night sky pulsing with ultraviolet light

Vast areas of Mars’ nightside atmosphere glow and pulsate with ultraviolet light, according to images from NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft.

A group of penguins huddled together on the ice.

Satellites discover new penguin colonies from space

Satellite images have revealed 11 previously unknown emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica, identified by telltale reddish-brown guano stains the birds leave on the ice.