Eleanor Imster

Morning moon

Photographer Lee Capps captured this week’s morning moon from North Carolina. Thanks, Lee!

Illustration of white hyenas on a mound of rocks.

Ancient hyenas roamed the Arctic

The ice age hyenas may have hunted caribou and horses, or scavenged carcasses of mammoths on a cold treeless tundra, says a study of 2 fossil teeth.

Orbital view. Land at left, ocean at right, white lines (roads) and small white patches (pads).

Apollo 11 launch pad

A satellite image from January 2019 shows launch pad 39A at Cape Canaveral, Florida. From there – on July 16, 1969 – a Saturn V rocket carrying the crew of Apollo 11 launched humanity’s historic voyage to the moon.

Record wettest 12 months for US, again

Wet conditions from July 2018 through June 2019 resulted in a new 12-month precipitation record in the US

Thin branches with big yellow blossoms.

Cactus blossom near Shimla, India

Contributed by our friend Swami Krishnananda, a photo essay of a walk up a hillside near Shimla, India, closer and closer to a cactus blossom, with thoughts on impermanence.

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds over Nova Scotia

Photographer Tanvi Javkar spotted Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds spread across the sky on June 28, 2019, in Nova Scotia.

Astronomers spot asteroid with shortest year known

The newly-discovered rocky body – dubbed 2019 LF6 – orbits the sun roughly every 151 days.

Wash of colors from tan to purple to green.

Dust storms swirl at Mars’ north pole

Over the last month, ESA’s Mars Express has been watching dust storms brew at the planet’s north pole and disperse toward the equator.

Super rare video of giant squid in US waters

Here be monsters. This video shows a living giant squid, captured on camera in its natural habitat for only the 2nd time in history.

Close up of a sunflower with a bee on it.

We love sunflowers! Your best photos

You can’t look at a sunflower and feel sad.