Eleanor Imster

Two fogbows

Two beautiful fogbow photos taken in September

Summer 2019 tied for hottest on record for Northern Hemisphere

June through August 2019 was the Northern Hemisphere’s hottest summer on record, tied with 2016. Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere, the same period marked the 2nd-warmest winter in the 140-year record.

Blue square mottled with white dots and lines.

Volcanic eruption creates moveable islands of pumice

Last month, rafts of pumice, spewed from an undersea volcano and spanning an area about the size of Washington, D.C., appeared in the South Pacific.

Tsunamis, wildfires followed dinosaur-killing impact

A new study that analyzed rock from deep within the Chicxulub impact crater helps reveal what happened within the first 24 hours after the asteroid impact that doomed the dinosaurs.

We stand corrected

Safety guidelines for taking photos of the sun.

A distant galaxy’s black hole seen to flare unexpectedly

Astronomers now call recently-discovered flares from supermassive black holes in distant galaxies quasi-periodic eruptions. “Giant black holes regularly flicker like a candle but the rapid, repeating changes seen in GSN 069 from December onwards are something completely new,” said one scientist.

A beach covered with plastic trash

Plastic pollution has entered fossil record, says study

A new study has found that plastic pollution is being deposited into the fossil record, with deposits increasing exponentially since 1945.

T. rex had an air conditioner in its head

How did the huge dinosaurs stay cool?  According to a new study, they did it much as today’s alligators do, with a built-in ‘air conditioner’ on the top of their skulls.

Model of a big white penguin next to photo of a woman.

Monster penguin was as tall as a person

An extinct species of giant penguin – over 5 feet (1.6 meters) tall – has been identified from fossils found in New Zealand.

Orange ball with dark and yellow stripes.

ALMA images show what’s happening beneath Jupiter’s storms

New radio images made with the ALMA telescope provide a look at what’s going on beneath Jupiter’s colorful storms and swirling clouds.