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Cuba meteor seen from the air

On February 1, 2019, a small asteroid – thought to be the size of a van – disintegrated over Viñales, Cuba. Many caught the meteor and its smoke trail from the ground. Cruz María Ruiz caught them from an airplane.

Fast comet closest to Earth this week

Fast-moving comet C/2018 Y1 (Iwamoto) will pass closest to us – 28 million miles away – on February 12. Charts and more here.

Small asteroid disintegrates over Cuba in daylight

The space rock traveled over West Palm Beach, above the Florida Keys, and then to Viñales, a town in Pinar del Río, Cuba. It left a smoke trail seen by many. Images and video here.

Don’t miss 2018’s brightest comet

Whether you glimpse it with the eye – or see it online – don’t miss comet 46P/Wirtanen! Charts, tips and other info here.

Astronomers glimpse Comet Wirtanen’s telltale spin

This comet is due to pass closest to our sun and Earth in December 2018. It’s already the brightest comet in the night sky, visible to astronomers with telescopes and binoculars. A new image shows the comet’s rotation!

Small asteroid passed closer than TV satellites

Newly-discovered Asteroid 2018 UA made an extremely close approach to Earth on Friday morning. Luckily, the space rock was too small to be dangerous.

Asteroid 2018 EB has a moon

Binary asteroids – that is, asteroids with moons – aren’t uncommon. More than 300 have been discovered so far. Astronomers found a moon for 2018 EB when it swept closest to Earth on October 7.

Are asteroids hiding among the Taurids?

And, more to the point, are any asteroids that might be hidden in the Taurid meteor stream potentially hazardous to Earth?

MASCOT returns 1st image from asteroid Ryugu

Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft deployed the MASCOT lander to asteroid Ryugu yesterday. Now, MASCOT has returned its 1st image. An international team of engineers and scientists in Germany is standing by.

Latest images via Japanese rovers on asteroid Ryugu

Japan’s space agency JAXA released new images today from the rovers set down on the surface of asteroid Ryugu by the Hayabusa2 spacecraft.

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