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EarthSky Voices

Cool video! When humans stalked a giant sloth

Fossil footprints track a prehistoric hunt.

I run ‘facial recognition’ on buildings

An art historian describes how he and his team use an analysis technique similar to facial recognition, to unlock architectural secrets.

How TESS will hunt for alien worlds

Launched last week, TESS will scan 200,000 close and bright stars, seeking new planets and possibly livable worlds. Here’s a roundtable discussion with 2 scientists on the TESS mission.

Our home world from afar

Celebrate Earth Day with these 10 images of Earth from space.

Latest snow on record for thousands of US locations

What’s the latest date that measurable snow has fallen in different parts of the United States? Check this interactive map from NOAA to find your record latest snow.

What is an exoplanet?

Humans have been speculating about their existence for thousands of years, but ours is the 1st generation to know, with certainty, that exoplanets are really out there.

Underwater noise pollution stresses aquatic animals

The roar of motors, ping of military sonar, bangs and blasts from offshore development are distracting, confusing, and even killing, aquatic animals.

Sun in 3 different wavelengths

Solar Dynamics Observatory image of the sun captured in 3 different extreme ultraviolet wavelengths.

Whoa! New and giant telescopes ahead

Telescope technology has come a long way. Here are 4 new amazing machines for observing the universe, both from space and from Earth.

Goodbye Kepler, hello TESS: Passing the baton in exoplanet search

When NASA first started planning the Kepler mission, no one knew if the universe held any planets outside our solar system. Thousands of exoplanets later, the search enters a new phase.