EarthSky Voices
Snowy night landscape with a bright green light across the sky.

Magnetic north is shifting fast. What’ll happen to the northern lights?

As magnetic north shifts increasingly away from the geologic north pole – towards Siberia – studies suggest the northern lights could move with it.

Lush underwater forests … in the Arctic

Did you know that there are hidden underwater forests of large brown seaweeds (kelps) in the Arctic? As temperatures warm, the forests are expanding.

A thin blue-white arc across a black background.

How Venus and Mars can teach us about Earth

The atmospheres of our 2 neighbors Mars and Venus can teach us a lot about past and future scenarios for our own planet.

Why Pluto is losing atmosphere: Winter is coming

Pluto’s orbit is very elongated. Right now, it’s in a part of its orbit where its distance from the sun is steadily increasing. That fact is devastating its atmosphere.

Microplastics found in remote Pyrenees Mountains

Microplastic particles – too small for the human eye to see – were blown into the once pristine region by the wind, according to a new study.

Will the Higgs boson help scientists trap dark matter?

A University of Chicago physicist has laid out an innovative method – using the Higgs boson – for stalking dark matter. He said the Higgs might actually be “a portal to the dark world.”

What’s on the far side of the moon?

The far side of the moon sees its share of sunlight. With all due respect to Pink Floyd, the moon’s far side is dark only in the sense that it’s mysterious. Here’s why.

Head shot of a pink baby pig

When is dead really dead?

A recent study of pigs’ brains suggested some activity could be restored even after they’d been dead 4 hours, reinforcing the idea that death is a process. A neuroscientist explains.

Identical twin male astronauts sitting next to each other.

Does a year in space make you older or younger?

The NASA Twins study – featuring astronaut twins Scott and Mark Kelly – was the perfect space experiment. Scott spent a year in space aboard the International Space Station. Mark remained on Earth. The results?

Black hole image confirm Einstein’s relativity theory?

Einstein’s theory was confirmed in 1919, when British astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington measured the bending of starlight around the sun during a total solar eclipse. And it’s been re-confirmed since. How about now?