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What is a hurricane storm surge?

Of all the hazards that hurricanes bring, storm surge is the greatest threat to life and property along the coast.

What’s in wildfire smoke and why it’s so bad for your lungs

The health impact of wildfire exposure depends in part on the fire itself and how much smoke a person breathes in, how often and for how long.

Computer simulation of dark matter. It shows a weblike structure.

Scientists probe dark matter in a virtual universe

The new work reveals dark matter haloes as active regions of the sky, teeming with not only galaxies, but also radiation-emitting collisions that could make it possible to find dark matter haloes in the real sky.

Astronomers issue report on the effect of ‘satellite constellations’ on astronomy

A new report concludes that large constellations of bright satellites in low-Earth orbit will fundamentally change ground-based astronomy and impact the appearance of the night sky for stargazers worldwide.

Pesticides and industrial pollutants found in snow atop Arctic glaciers

The long journey of these compounds – likely originating in the U.S. and Eurasia – shows the far-reaching impacts of industrial pollution.

A gray butterfly on green leaves.

Insect apocalypse? Not so fast, at least in North America

Recent reports of dramatic declines in insect populations have sparked concern about an ‘insect apocalypse.’ But a new analysis of data from sites across North America suggests the case isn’t proven.

Another intense summer of fires in Siberia

Following an active 2019 season, fires in Siberia in 2020 have again been abundant and widespread, and have produced abnormally large carbon emissions.

Nose of a German shepherd.

These dogs are trained to sniff out the coronavirus

Scientists have been working with professional trainers in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales to train dogs to sniff out Covid-19. Most of the dogs have a 100% success rate.

Blue balls with spikes.

Does coronavirus linger in the body?

Some viruses can hide out in the body and reemerge at later times. Which viruses do this, and can the new coronavirus do this too?

A whale in blue water.

Mysterious evolution of wonky whale skulls

How we worked out when whales first evolved asymmetrical skulls.