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Physicists say they’ve found a ‘tetraquark’

On July 1, scientists announced the discovery of a new exotic particle – a so-called “tetraquark” – a finding that marks a major breakthrough in a search of almost 20 years, carried out in particle physics labs all over the world.

Life inside Pluto?

The dwarf planet’s hot birth may have created a warm internal ocean, and where there’s warm water, there might be life.

10 great places to see meteor showers in the US

Looking for an awesome place to watch meteor showers in the U.S.? AccuWeather – and the editors of EarthSky – recommend these 10 places.

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Saharan-fed sunsets in the US

A massive Saharan dust plume is moving into the southeast US, bringing technicolor sunsets and suppressing tropical storms.

A graphic with the words "black hole" and "neutron star," with a question mark between them.

LIGO and Virgo find a mystery object in the ‘mass gap’

The science world is buzzing about a new discovery made via the LIGO-Virgo collaboration. It’s a new object found in the so-called “mass gap” between neutron stars and black holes.

Huge dark storm cloud over flat yellow landscape.

What is a derecho? An atmospheric scientist explains these rare but dangerous storm systems

The derecho in the U.S. East on June 3, 2020, killed 4 people and left a million without power. A Colorado derecho on June 6 had winds in excess of 100 mph. Europe, Asia and South America also have derechos. Here’s what scientists know about them.

People on a stage singing with open books.

Covid-19 spreads through the air. That’s a big challenge for reopening

Clear, straightforward information on how a virus spreads, from a scientist who studies infectious disease

Four lions walking down a road followed by a jeep.

Why evolution seems to have a direction, and what to expect next

Does evolution always and inevitably generate greater diversity and complexity, having a predictable direction?

Has mystery of universe’s missing matter been solved?

Cosmologists have only been able to find half the matter that should exist in the universe. With the discovery of a new astronomical phenomenon and new telescopes, these researchers say they’ve just found the rest.

Big blue ball and little sliver of light.

Why these astronomers now doubt there’s a Planet Nine

In the search for the hypothetical 9th planet in our solar system, these scientists may have uncovered another explanation for the patterns in the orbits of Kuiper Belt objects.