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Hare and Dove at Orion’s feet

Lepus the Hare and Columba the Dove are 2 faint constellations near the easy-to-find constellation Orion. You need a dark sky to see them.

See it! Moon and morning planet photos

A glorious sight on what for many was a very cold morning – late January and early February – 2019. The brightest planets Venus and Jupiter near the moon!

Zodiacal light back in the west after sunset

It’s back in the west after sunset, unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere. Then watch for it in the east before dawn!

Polar vortex 2019 photos and videos

Here’s a glimpse of what the bone-chilling conditions in the U.S. Midwest this week look like.

Light pillar, a moon pillar, moon dogs

For many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s cold! Here’s a predawn sky – from Alberta, Canada, earlier this week – at least partly created by cold.

A round space rock in the foreground, a distant sun in the background.

Small telescopes detect missing link in planet evolution

We know objects far from our sun – in the Kuiper Belt – that are tens to hundreds of miles across. This object is only a few miles across. Astronomers caught it with the aid of 2 small telescopes and a distant star.

M13, a globular cluster in Hercules

More globular star clusters found at Milky Way’s heart   

We think of globular clusters as being scattered far from the galaxy’s central regions, in the great spherical halo of our Milky Way. But astronomers are finding them much closer to the galactic center.

Orion the Hunter is easy to spot

It’s identifiable by Orion’s Belt, 3 medium-bright stars in a short, straight row at the mid-section of the Hunter.

See the Unicorn on dark January nights

Within a triangle of 3 bright stars – hidden in between the many bright and glittering stars visible at this time of year – you’ll find the constellation of Monoceros the Unicorn.

Do we all see the same moon phase?

One Earth. One sky. One moon phase (more or less) from all of Earth. So why (and how) does the moon look different from different parts of Earth?

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