Deanna Conners

When is the next leap year?

If there were no leap years, eventually February would be a summer month for the Northern Hemisphere. 2019 isn’t a leap year, but 2020 will be.

Want cleaner roadside air? Plant hedges

To improve air quality near urban roads, scientists from the Global Centre for Clean Air Research recommend planting hedges that can trap air pollutants.

2 green birds with black beaks and orange heads perched on a leafless branch.

Join the 2019 Great Backyard Bird Count

During the 2018 count, bird watchers from more than 100 countries submitted more than 180,000 bird checklists. This year’s Great Backyard Bird Count happens February 15-18. It is free and easy to participate. Find out how here.

Michael Peres on how to photograph snowflakes

An expert photographer of nature’s beauty on a minuscule scale, Michael Peres offers you tips on how you can photograph snowflakes.

How snowflakes get their shapes

Depending on the temperature and humidity of the air where the snowflakes form, the ice crystals can grow into a myriad of different shapes.

Christmas Bird Count starts December 14

Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count is one of the longest-running citizen science projects in existence. How to participate.

How rare are November hurricanes?

The 2018 Atlantic hurricane season is nearing an end, but November hurricanes do occur and they can be deadly.

Tricks that animals play

Trick or treat! Here are 3 animals that excel at playing tricks on others – and not just on Halloween!

New species of giant dinosaur identified

The fossils of Ledumahadi mafube suggest that it was the largest land animal alive 200 million years ago.

How to spot ISS in your sky

Learn to watch ISS moving silently and steadily across your night sky, and think of the 3 astronauts currently on board.