Claudia Crowley

Favorite photos of October’s young moon

In the past few days, several EarthSky Community members around the world shared their photos of the young moon, a thin crescent in the west after sunset. Beautiful! Thanks to all who contributed.

Orange ball with dark markings and white spot at the pole.

Photos of fiery Mars, at its best in 2 years

Photos from the EarthSky community of the bright planet Mars, now at its best. Earth passed between Mars and the sun – bringing the planet to a once-in-two-years opposition – on October 13, 2020.

Stunning images of the night

See the winners of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) 1st annual photography contest.

Young woman in long white dress on white horse under sky with many small, sunlit downward bulges from a dark cloud.

Epic graduation photo, Alberta, Canada

Spectacular mammatus clouds – and a rainbow – provide a backdrop for this beautiful and unusual graduation photo. Congratulations, Cheyann!

Very thin white crescent against gray background.

Farewell, Venus

Photos – taken through telescopes, or with other optical aid – from the EarthSky community. The brightest planet Venus is now in a thin crescent phase as viewed from Earth. Venus will go between us and the sun on June 3.

Young moon, Venus, Mercury photos

The young moon returned to the evening sky this weekend, to sweep past the bright planets Venus and Mercury.

Black circle with tiny dots of light and thin white stripe.

Photos of April’s Lyrid meteor shower

The Lyrids end the “meteor drought” that happens each year between early January and April. Enjoy these photos of the April 2020 Lyrid meteor shower from the EarthSky community. Thanks to all who contributed!

It’s been 50 years since Apollo 13’s safe return to Earth

After an explosion damaged their spacecraft, the Apollo 13 astronauts – on their way to the moon – were in dire peril. Read about the human ingenuity that led the Apollo 13 mission to a safe and successful conclusion.

The fish are biting

John Ashley caught these fish – with a camera – fighting and mating during a late May/early June spawning season in Montana.

Distant lighthouse against bright yellow sunrise.

Montauk lighthouse

An old lighthouse stands out against the sky in Montauk, New York.