Bruce McClure

All you need to know: Draconids in 2018

Experts are now saying there probably won’t be a meteor storm this evening. But what if they were wrong and you missed it?

Find the Draconid radiant point

You don’t have to identify a meteor shower’s radiant point to watch the show. But the radiant of the Draconids is fun to find! Here are some ways to do it.

Moon and Leo before sunup October 5 to 7

The lit portion of the waning moon always points eastward. That’s also the moon’s direction of travel in front of the background stars. Watch the moon wane in the coming mornings, as it sweeps through Leo.

Moon lights up Gemini in early October

Wake up before dawn in early October 2018, and let the waning moon show you the zodiacal constellations Gemini and Cancer.

October guide to the bright planets

Throughout October 2018, you can see 3 planets as darkness falls: Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Bright Venus is heading into the sunset glare throughout October. It will pass between us and the sun before the month’s end.

Moon in Taurus September 28-30

Even in the moon’s glare, you should be able to make out Aldebaran, Taurus’ brightest star, as well as the tiny, misty, dipper-shaped Pleiades star cluster.

Meet Fomalhaut, the loneliest star

Fomalhaut is a bright star – visible from all but far-northern latitudes – located in a region of the sky that contains only very faint stars. So it appears solitary in the night sky.

Full Harvest Moon September 24-25

It’s the full moon closest to the autumn equinox. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, it means no great lag time between sunset and moonrise, in this season of waning daylight.

Equinox sun is over Earth’s equator

At an equinox, and for several days before and after, the midday sun is straight up at noon seen from Earth’s equator. At this equinox, the sun is crossing the celestial equator, moving from north to south.

Year’s fastest sunsets around equinoxes

We’re talking about the actual rate at which the sun sinks below the horizon. It’s faster around the equinoxes than at any other time.