Amy Oliver

Metal-poor globular cluster forces astronomers to rethink theories

The discovery of the most metal-poor globular cluster recorded to date has forced scientists to rethink how both galaxies and globular clusters form.

Image from HiRISE showing solidified sand dunes on Martian surface

Billion-year-old Martian dunes reveal planet’s history

The discovery of near-perfectly preserved billion-year-old Martian dunes is helping scientists to unravel the geologic and climatic history of the red planet.

A cluster of small meteor craters on Mars.

Scientists use AI to find tiny craters on Mars

All these years, NASA scientists have laboriously sifted through spacecraft images to identify and classify markings on Mars. Now they’re using a new “classifier,” powered by artificial intelligence. What takes a human 40 minutes takes the AI tool an average of just 5 seconds.