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Wall-E and Eva are going to Mars, too

Riding along with the InSight Mars mission, the 2 briefcase-sized CubeSats are designed to demonstrate nearly real-time communications between worlds.

See 15 years of change in the Arctic

Mesmerizing new video, made from 15 years of satellite data, shows the waxing and waning of Arctic ice and snow as the seasons change.

New Shepard has successful 8th test flight

Blue Origin’s suborbital rocket New Shepard made its 8th test flight on April 29, going up from the company’s launch site in West Texas. Watch mission highlights here.

Cool video! When humans stalked a giant sloth

Fossil footprints track a prehistoric hunt.

Unseen siblings for Milky Way’s supermassive black hole?

Our Milky Way galaxy is known to have a supermassive black hole at its heart. Could more supermassive black holes be lurking unseen at our galaxy’s outskirts?

Gaia’s 2nd data release: 1.7 billion stars!

Why did ESA’s director of science say Gaia’s observations are “redefining the foundations” of astronomy? Also, links to virtual reality resources made possible by Gaia, available for you to explore.

Watch thousands of asteroids orbiting our sun

Both NASA and ESA space missions have just released new videos plotting the orbits of tens of thousands of asteroids (and comets) orbiting our sun.

How do flocking birds move in unison?

How do some species of birds in flocks perform their wonderful, graceful, synchronized movements? Hint: they don’t just follow a leader or their neighbors.

Watch the mating dance of a new bird species

Be a birder for a few minutes, and enjoy the distinctive song, dance and courtship display of a newly recognized Bird-of-Paradise, in new videos from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

These sea turtles use magnetic fields like GPS

“They might not always make it back to the exact beach where they were born, and instead might opt for beaches with similar magnetic properties, as if their internal GPS has just slightly mixed up addresses.”