Science Centre Singapore

While formal educational institutions in Singapore strive to raise a nation of “science literate people”, Science Centre Singapore takes this to the next level. The centre makes science accessible and engaging, empowering Singaporeans to advance their own learning and inspiring them to do something incredible with their futures. The center is open during regular business hours, but periodically hosts stargazing events until later at night.  A friend of EarthSky shared the following: “Although it is located well within Singapore, the Observatory at Science Centre Singapore is away from the central business district with a relatively darker stargazing spot. It is equipped with 2 observatories and lots of space to set up your own scopes. Members of the Astronomical Society of Singapore (including myself) generally volunteer there, and love to show the night sky to members of the public and are always happy to chat about stargazing and astronomy in general. The observatory is open to the public on Fridays.”

April 1, 2020

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