Isle of Sark, U.K.

The Isle of Sark is a 2-square mile (5-square km) jurisdiction in the English Channel, the third-largest of the Channel Islands and a crown dependency of the United Kingdom.  Designated in 2011 by the International Dark Sky Association as the first Dark-Sky Island in the world, with skies rated at class 3 in the Bortle Scale, the island is home to the Sark Astronomy Society (SAstroS) and Observatory.  There are no airports and the island is a car-free zone, but Sark is accessible via ferry boat from Guernsey and accomodations are available.  SAstroS hosts annual Starfest celebrations—the first having occurred in October 2011; they generally occur in the autumn or spring to mark both the beginning or end of winter.

September 1, 2016

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