Lake Nydalasjön

Nydalasjön, previously known as Tavlesjön, is a lake in Umeå, Sweden. Located a few kilometers outside the central city, Nydalasjön is adjacent to the residential areas of Mariehem, Nydalahöjd and Tomtebo. The area surrounding the lake is easily accessible all year round and has a lot to offer including hiking trails, playgrounds, numerous barbecues spots, fishing and bath areas, as well as ski trails during the winter. Nydala Runt is a 6-mile-long (10 km) illuminated hiking and biking trail that goes around the lake. A stargazer told EarthSky that “it’s pretty dark there and easily accessed since it’s so close to the city. Students often go there to look at the nothern lights.”

April 9, 2018

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