Mingus Mountain

Mingus Mountain is located in Prescott National Forest, in the cool pines of central Arizona. With an elevation of 7,818 feet (2,383 m), the summit can be reached by road after branching off from State Route 89A, offering views of the Verde Valley, Sycamore Canyon Wilderness and the towns of Cottonwood, Jerome, and Clarkdale. The mountain has a number of hiking trails, cabins and campgrounds, and the area is generally accessible around-the-clock, but can be prone to wildfire and restrictions can be put in effect at any time. Astronomers of Verde Valley (http://www.astroverde.org/) use the mountain as one of their favorite stargazing spots, and a stargazer shared the following with EarthSky: “You have a 360-degree view of open skies. Perfect for meteor showers, etc.”

April 7, 2018

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