Hwangmaesan Mountain

Hwangmaesan Mountain in South Korea—a part of Hwangmaesan County Park since 1983—encompasses the three peaks of Habong, Jungbong and Sangbong, reaching a maximum elevation of 3,635 feet (1,108 m). Hwangmaesan’s “Hwang” means prosperity and “Mae” means preciousness or dignity, which put together give “Hwangmae” that stands for abundance. In spring, azalea and rhododendron blossoms take over the entire mountain, with the Hwangmaesan Royal Azalea Festival held every year in May; in summer, the refreshing valley area can be enjoyed; and in the fall, the sound of birds singing can be heard everywhere. The summit is accessible year-round and around-the-clock, providing opportunities for hiking and camping (allowed at designated areas in the parking lot). A stargazer shared the following with EarthSky: “The mountain top can be reached by car, and provides a wide, open view of the sky.”

January 15, 2019

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