Copper Harbor

Visitors of Copper Harbor, an unincorporated community in Michigan, have called it “the absolute best of the lake.” Everyone will love the views, from Lake Superior’s rugged shoreline to the top of Brockway Mountain and Copper Harbor’s lighthouse; spring flowers and bird migrations, summer sunsets, fall colors, and winter solitude are all here to savor and breathtakingly beautiful. Copper Harbor enjoys some of the darkest night skies in Michigan, ranging from class 3 to class 2 in the Bortle scale. A stargazer who recommended this site to EarthSky shared the following: “It is on the Keewenaw Peninsula in Lake Superior and is far away from any large cities. The Aurora Borealis is common during the long nights of winter. It really does not get better than this in the lower 48!”

January 22, 2019

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