Charles A. Ransom Nature Preserve

Charles A. Ransom Nature Preserve, a nature preserve in Charlevoix County, Michigan, is located about 184 miles (196 km) north of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please note that while this is not a designated stargazing area, the preserve is a suitable stargazing area and is open to the public year-round. The EarthSky reader who recommended this entry says that it “is well worth a visit. The property was donated in 1976 by Woodbury and Christiana Ransom in memory of their son. From its highest elevation above Lake Michigan, viewers can see much of western Charlevoix County, a broad expanse of Lake Michigan, four islands, and the distant Leelanau Peninsula on a clear day … Quiet area, with plenty of space to set up for sky watching. Not too much light pollution.” For more information, please visit online or call 231-347-0991.

January 16, 2020

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