Castle Forest Lodge

Castle Forest Lodge is a vacation lodge located deep in the thick forest on the slopes to the south of Mount Kenya, just 88 miles (142 km) northeast of Nairobi, Kenya. Please note that while there are no designated stargazing sites at the lodge or in the surrounding Mount Kenya National Park, one EarthSky reader says “It is set in a natural surrounding of rainforest, fresh water rivers with falls, a fabulous view of the valley on one side of the lodge, and the impressive peaks of Mount Kenya on the other. When you’re not skywatching, you can go on forest hikes, but avoid becoming footwear for elephants and buffalo!” The lodge provides the choice between 8 cottages, 3 bungalows, 2 chalets, and 3 no-fuss bedrooms. For more information, please visit online or call +254721422908.

February 25, 2019

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