Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre (Bluewater Astronomical Society)

The Bluewater Astronomical Society’s on-site observatory – the E.S. Fox Observatory – is located at the Outdoor Education Centre near Oliphant, Ontario. The Centre is located on Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula in Lake Huron, near Oliphant and about 120 miles (192 km) northwest from Toronto. The location is Canada’s 15th Dark Sky Preserve, a status granted in 2012 by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Lighting there is strictly controlled. The facility hosts a large 28-inch (71 cm) Webster Dobsonian reflector, the largest publicly-accessible roll-off observatory in Ontario. Observing at the observatory is open on public nights only, not on weekdays or evenings during the school year. The Bluewater Astronomical Society’s contact page is here:

September 1, 2016

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