Bells Bend Park

Bells Bend Park is located in western Davidson County, near Nashville. This park takes its name from a peaceful arc of the Cumberland River known as Bells Bend. This rural preserve is defined by its agricultural history, its bountiful opportunities for viewing wildlife, and a landscape shaped by the river. The 808-acre pastoral park opened to the public in 2007 and supports habitat for plants, migratory birds and other wildlife. Bells Bend Park offers Nashville residents and visitors access to a unique three-fold experience: cultivating knowledge of the natural world, developing outdoor recreation skills, and understanding cultural impacts upon the land. An EarthSky user reported, “I’ve gone there a few times for my high school astronomy class, each time did not disappoint. I’ve seen many great sky objects through a telescope with clear skies. There’s also a campground there.”

January 8, 2017

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