Watch 5 moonsets over Zimbabwe

Moonset at 5 different points on the horizon, at 5 different moon phases, from a young moon to the June 20 full moon at Zimbabwe’s winter solstice.

During this month there were many clear night skies with good visibility which enabled time-lapse sequences of the moon setting at five different points on the local horizon to be captured for five phases of the moon, from the waxing crescent moon on June 6, 2016 to the full moon at the winter solstice on June 20.

A total of 159 still images were taken using a tripod-mounted Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ60 compact camera in manual exposure mode and x 60 magnification. These were used to compile this time-lapse movie which shows the moon waxing and setting 5 times.

As the images are displayed for half-a-second each and were captured at intervals of about three seconds, the motion of the moon is at least six times faster than normal.

Two things make this video unusual. The first is showing five different phases of the moon setting during a single transition from new to full, and the second is that the full moonset coincided with a solstice. That has not happened since 1967 and will not happen again until 2062.

Peter Lowenstein