Video: Mars, Spica, moon rising and setting

In case you haven’t heard, the planet Mars is back! Getting brighter. Nearly at its best. James McCue includes Mars in this cool video.

Wow! Here’s a great time-lapse from a friend on Facebook, James McCue, showing Spica, Mars and the moon last night (February 19, 2014). It’s awesome, James! Thank you for the shout out and the video.

Most of the time, Mars is inconspicuous as seen from Earth . It has a cycle of appearances in Earth’s sky that lasts for about two years. It’s just now heading toward the peak of that cycle, with its best appearance in our sky, for the past two years, in April 2014. Between now and then watch for Mars! I’ll be brightening dramatically and appearing more and more prominent. When to see Mars in 2014.

Want to see some charts and read more about how they looked like night? Click here.

Deborah Byrd