Video: 15 years of Mars images

ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft began sending back images from its orbit around Mars in January 2004. Take 5 minutes to see some of the coolest images of the mission so far.

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ESA’s Mars Express entered orbit around Mars on December 25, 2003. The spacecraft began returning the first images from orbit just a couple of weeks later, and over the course of its fifteen-year history has captured thousands of images of the red planet.

Due to the valuable science return and its flexible mission profile, Mars Express has been granted several mission extensions. The latest one, as of November 2018, is scheduled to last until the end of 2020. Also, it’s expected to receive a mission extension lasting until 2022.

This video compilation highlights some of the scenes revealed by this long-lived mission. From horizon-to-horizon views to close-up details of ice- and dune-filled craters, and from the polar ice caps and water-carved valleys to ancient volcanoes and plunging canyons. Enjoy!

Bottom line: Video compilation of images of Mars taken by ESA’s Mars Express spacecraft.


Eleanor Imster