Three amazing images of young moon you’ll see tonight

EarthSky Facebook friends to the east of us here in the U.S. – or west, depending on how you look at it – have provided us with these three amazing images of the young moon. If it’s not sunset yet where you are – or if the sun just went down – you can see this same young moon in your western sky tonight!

Image Credit: Raven Yu

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Here’s a stunning image of the moon on October 28, 2011 as seen from Manila in the Philippines. As our sky chart for October 27 showed, Venus and Mercury were nearby – but photographer Raven Yu in Manila saw them on October 28, from across the International Date Line. She must have had an incredibly clear sky to get this wonderful shot. Thank you Raven!

Image Credit: Jv Noriega

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Here’s another beautiful image, also from Manila in the Philippines! Jv Noriega in Manila captured this image of the moon on October 30, 2011. Isn’t it great? Thank you, Jv!

Image Credit: Elizabeth-Anne Booth

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Some hours after Jv saw the young moon in the Philippines – as Earth rotated under the sky, bringing the moon into view for people farther and farther to the west – Elizabeth-Anne Booth in Johannesburg saw the same young moon on October 30, 2011. Elizabeth-Anne, what a stunning photo. Thank you.

I don’t know about you, but it’s not dark where I am yet. I’m looking forward to sunset and seeing the same moon come into view!

By the way, Raven, Jv and Elizabeth-Anne are all friends of EarthSky’s on Facebook. We have some amazingly talented friends, who populate our page continually with images such as these. We hope to see you there!

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October 30, 2011

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