NASA’s sounds are now on SoundCloud

It’s very cool. Hear the sounds of space exploration history!

NASA now has a SoundCloud account, with an awesome selection of sounds that are both fascinating and historically significant in U.S. space exploration. What can you hear in the clips above? How about listening to Apollo 11’s Neil Armstrong say:

That’s one giant leap for mankind …

Or how about the infamous quip from the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission:

Houston, we’ve had a problem.

The excerpt above – from the Apollo missions – is just a small part of the complete menu of sounds, which includes:

Engine sounds of various rockets
Transmissions from Apollo and Mercury missions
Sounds of the solar system and beyond

Here’s another example, below, from interstellar space:

And there are lots more! Check out NASA’s complete collection on SoundCloud here: NASA SoundCloud

Bottom line: NASA has assembled an amazing collection of fascinating and historically significant sounds from its space program at Sound Cloud.

Eleanor Imster