A helpful graphic, captioned: Space Launch System Artemis Testing: Green Run Checklist; Testing the world’s largest rocket stage; A total of eight green run tests minimize risk to the Artemis 1 core stage and ensure the flight hardware satisfies design objectives and validates design models; Test 1, apply forces simulating launch to the unpowered, suspended core stage; Test 2, turn on and check out core stage avionics; Test 3, simulate potential issues to test systems that shut down other systems if there’s a problem; Test 4, test main propulsion system components that connect to the engines; Test 5, test thrust vector controls and check out all the related hydraulic systems; Test 6, simulate launch countdown to validate timeline and sequence of events; Test 7, load and drain more than 700,000 gallons of cryogenic propellants; Test 8 fire all four RS-25 engines for up to 8 minutes; The SLS Core Stage is composed of a forward skirt, liquid oxygen tank, intertank, liquid hydrogen tank, and engine section with four RS-25 engines.

This helpful graphic illustrates what the eight iterations of the green run will test as well as the individual components to the SLS Core Stage. Image via NASA.

November 19, 2020

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