Moon and Venus on December 26, 2011 as seen from Italy

In the U.S. Eastern Standard Time – or farther west – you’ll see this same scene in the west after sunset tonight!

Here are two sky objects you can see tonight (December 26, 2011). It is from master sky photographer Stefano De Rosa: the moon and planet Venus in the west after sunset. Stefano captured them above Lake Viverone in Italy just hours ago.

Moon and Venus as seen from Lake Viverone in Italy on December 26, 2011. Image Credit: Stefano De Rosa

As seen from around the world, in the west after sunset on this Monday, December 26 – the night after Christmas 2011 – you will find the waxing crescent moon and brightest planet Venus. Read more about the moon and Venus – and the other visible planets tonight – in our Tonight area:

Moon and Venus night after Christmas, all five planets visible

Bottom line: Sky photographer Stefano De Rosa caught this wonderful image of the moon and Venus above Lake Viverone in Italy on December 26, 2011. Do you see a bright object near the moon in tonight’s sky? It’s Venus! Be sure to look in the west shortly after sunset.

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Deborah Byrd