Gallery: Partial and ring eclipse of May 20-21

So many people posted wonderful images of the May 20-21, 2012 partial and annular (ring) eclipse of May 20-21 on the EarthSky Facebook page. We are in awe of your talent and wish we could post them all. Thank you.

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From Okinawa, Japan by Beverly Fish. The eclipse began in Asia, where it was early morning, and calendars read May 21.
From Taipei City, Taiwan by Liao Wei San, who said: I used both graduated ND filter as well as solar viewing film to partially expose the upper part of the picture, so I can obtain good exposure both for the sun and for foreground, resulting in this somewhat surreal image.
The path of the eclipse then crossed the Pacific Ocean to the continental United States. Along a narrow track across the continental U.S., some saw the complete annular or ring eclipse. This image is from Daniel Sims in Cedar City, Utah.
Composite eclipse image from Cattleya Flores Viray at Sycamore Canyon County Park in Poway, California
From Liz Gold in Chimayo, New Mexico.
Check out the detail on the moon in this image from Kevin Saunders.
From Kathleen Kendall Tourigny in Cameron Park, California. She used her binoculars to project the eclipsed sun’s image on a wall, then took of picture of her own shadow using her iPhone.
From Ann White Matthews in Austin, Texas
From Colin Chatfield
From Kevin Sanders in Utah.
Many saw dancing illuminated crescents like these, created when the leaves of trees and bushes acted as pinhole cameras and projected the eclipsed sun’s image onto cars and buildings. This photo from Chris Walker in Dayton, Nevada.
More crescent suns, from Shelly Wade Carver in Tucson, Arizona
Another great one from Liz Gold in Chimayo, New Mexico. A sun crescent shining on adobe.
From Dan Gauss in southern New Mexico
A projected image of the eclipsed sun from Meggan Wood in Maricopa, Arizona
From Chad Fink in Wichita, Kansas

See more wonderful eclipse and sky and Earth photos from our friends on Facebook

Thank you to everyone in EarthSky’s Facebook community for sharing these amazing eclipse photos from May 20-21, 2012!

May 21, 2012

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