Full-sphere, 360-degree ISS transit

Super cool, interactive image of a transit across the sky of the International Space Station, via Project Nightflight of Austria.

Still image from Project Nightflight, of the May 26 ISS pass over Austria. Click here to view the interactive 360-degree full-sphere image.

Erwin Matys of Project Nightflight in Vienna, Austria wrote:

Currently the International Space Station makes a series of convenient evening passes for European stargazers. On the evening of May 26, we managed to photograph a nice twilight transit from one of our favorite observing sites in Austria, about 50 kilometers north of Vienna. To show the complete arc of the passage we combined seven individual 60 second shots that were made with a Theta S full-sphere cam.

During its transit the ISS blinked on and off between the passing clouds.

View the 360-degree full-sphere image below, or click here to view larger.

ISS transit in Austria on May 26, 2017 ISS transit Spherical Image by project nightflight

Thank you, Karoline Mrazek and Erwin Matys of Project Nightflight!

Bottom line: May 26, 2017 ISS transit in 360-degree full-sphere image.

Deborah Byrd