Favorite photos of August 31, 2012 Blue Moon

Blue-colored it wasn’t. But beautiful it was! People around the world last night watched the famous full moon named Blue Moon and photographed it. These are some of our favorite photos from friends across the globe – of the August 31, 2012 Blue Moon – who shared on EarthSky’s Facebook page. To see more photos of last night’s Blue Moon, click into Recent Posts by Others on our page.

Read more about the Blue Moon here

Photo via our friend John Michael Mizzi on the island of Gozo off the coast of Italy. Thanks, John!
Photo via Mary Ellen Harm. Thank you, Mary.
Photo via our friend Beverly Fish in Okinawa, Japan. Great capture, Beverly!
Photo via Lynn Ciocchio Light. This is Union General George Gordon Meade, on his horse Old Baldy, at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
Photo from EarthSky Facebook friend Leif Boracay on Boracay Island, Philippines. Thank you, Leif.
Photo via our friend Nicole Holovinsky in Roosevelt, New Jersey. Thank you, Nicole.
Photo via our friend Raj Hardia in India. Thank you, Raj!

If you do see a photo of a blue-colored moon, it’s nearly always because someone processed the photo to create the blue color, or used a blue filter. Below are a few of our favorite processed photos. Remember, the moon wasn’t really this color!

This great photo is from our friend VegaStar Carpentier in Paris, who creates some of the most wonderful processed photos we’ve seen. Learn more about how VegaStar created the blue color here.
The moon and fast clouds from EarthSky Facebook friend Jv Noriega in Manila, Philippines. Jv used a blue filter to achieve this blue color.
Desert Blue Moon from our friend Priya Kumar in Oman. Thank you, Priya!
This just came in a few minutes ago. It’s the moon on September 1, 2012 – already a bit past full. EarthSky Facebook friend Lilliana Mendez in North Bergen, New Jersey created this image. She said used the incandesent filter on her camera to achieve a blue moon. Thanks, Lilliana!

Bottom line: Favorite photos of the August 31, 2012 Blue Moon. It wasn’t blue in color. But it was very beautiful, and many around the world enjoyed it. These photos are from EarthSky Facebook friends. Join us on Facebook, and see wonderful sky photos from across the globe – or post your own!

See more photos of last night’s Blue Moon on EarthSky’s Facebook page

September 1, 2012

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