Gravitational waves’ new window on cosmos

Why are scientists so excited about the first-ever detection of gravitational waves? Deborah Byrd reports on this episode of EarthSky News.

EarthSky News with Deborah Byrd for February 11, 2016. To say that this morning’s announcement of the detection of gravitational waves was momentous is an understatement. At the announcement in Washington D.C. this morning, scientists struggled to find powerful-enough words to convey their excitement. The gist of it was:

When we observed the universe only with optical light, we thought all was serene. When we began observing with radio waves, we learned that there are events in our universe that are violently explosive beyond imagining. Being able to detect gravitational waves will let us observe the universe in a new way again … and we can’t predict what marvels might unfold.

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