EarthSky 22: Voyager spacecraft at 35

Jorge Salazar talks with lead scientist Ed Stone about the amazing Voyager spacecraft. Song of the week by the Sour Notes.

Host: Jorge Salazar
Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

This picture of a crescent-shaped Earth and Moon — the first of its kind ever taken by a spacecraft — was recorded Sept. 18, 1977, by NASA’s Voyager 1 when it was 7.25 million miles (11.66 million kilometers) from Earth. Image Credit: NASA

ES 22 Producers: Deborah Byrd, Emily Howard, Jorge Salazar

Science news of the week:

Antarctica melting could release stores of methane to atmosphere

A cyber war on cancer

Millions of supermassive black holes

Solar storms can disrupt electrical systems on Earth – and not just at high latitudes

Song of the week:

The Sour Notes’ “The Moment You Feel It” off their recently remastered album Last Looks.

This week’s featured stories:

Voyager at 35 Jorge talks with Voyager lead scientist Ed Stone about the history of the Voyager spacecraft, and where it is right now.

Morning Skywatching Jorge Salazar speaks with skywatcher Deborah Byrd about the daytime moon, skywatching two planets, and the constellation Orion.

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This week’s musical contributors:

The Sour Notes

Sleep Good

The Black and White Years

Mother Falcon

One Hundred Flowers

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