EarthSky 22: The making of Death Valley Dreamlapse

Lead Producer and Host: Mike Brennan

ES 22 Producers: Deborah Byrd, Emily Howard, Jorge Salazar

Science News of the Week:

Habitable zones redifined

Coronal mass ejection from our sun on January 31

Yet more evidence that Mars once had water

Earthquake activity along the Pacific coast this week

Song of the Week:

Adam Torres’ “Rosemarie”

Video still from the film Death Valley Dreamlapse by Sunchaser Pictures. Watch the video here.

Featured This Week:

The Making of Death Valley Dreamlapse Michael speaks with Gavin Heffernan of Sunchaser Pictures, about filming the Geminid meteor shower in Death Valley, and about what he claims is a possible UFO sighting. WATCH Death Valley Dreamlapse here.

The North Star and the Big Dipper Deborah Byrd tells us how to locate the North Star using the Big Dipper as a guide, and what else we can see within the Big Dipper.

Thanks for listening in to your 22 minutes of science and music!

This week’s musical contributors:

The Black and White Years

Adam Torres

One Hundred Flowers

Sleep Good

Hundred Visions

February 4, 2013

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