EarthSky 22: See the planets and moon?

Host: Jorge Salazar
Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

ES 22 Producers: Deborah Byrd, Ryan Britton, Emily Howard

Science news of the week:

A vortex at the south pole of Saturn’s largest moon Titan

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

More than 30 wildfires continue to blaze in eastern Russia

Atmospheric carbon dioxide accelerates carbon loss in forest soils

Sunspot group AR1515 released an X-flare that affected Earth’s geomagnetic field on July 9 and 10

A way for spacecraft to hunt down hidden magnetic portals

Song of the week:

Burgess Meredith’s “The Big Deal”

The moon Venus and Jupiter via EarthSky Facebook friend Pat Quinn in upstate New York on Sunday, July 15. Thank you, Pat! On Monday, July 16, the moon will be below these planets in the eastern predawn sky.

This week’s featured stories:

Skywatching two planets Jorge Salazar speaks with skywatcher Deborah Byrd about vewing Venus and Jupiter in the east before dawn.

Weird Science: Naked Mole Rat Jorge speaks with Ryan Britton about what humans can learn about health and longevity from the naked mole rat.

Exploring Mars Jorge talks with research geologist John Grotzinger about the Mars Science Laboratory, scheduled to land on the planet Mars on August 5.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Thanks for listening in to your 22 minutes of science and music!

This week’s musical contributors:

Burgess Meredith

Sleep Good

The Black and White Years

One Hundred Flowers

July 15, 2012

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