EarthSky 22: Last Venus transit in our lifetimes!

Host: Jorge Salazar
Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

ES 22 Producers: Deborah Byrd, Ryan Britton, Emily Howard

Science news of the week:

Biologists discover how to disable the bacteria that cause cholera

Venus transit – on June 5 and 6 – last one for 21st century

Lake Huron on the rebound?

EarthSky 22 wins award for communications excellence!

We're nice. We promise. Image Credit: via Shutterstock

Astronomer Jill Tarter makes a case for benevolent aliens

June 1 marks the start of hurricane season in the Atlantic

Song of the week:

Song of the Week is “It’s not too late” is from The Echocentrics Sunshadows album, featuring Natalia Cavalier on vocals.

Venus transit in front of sun in 2004. That's right, the June 5-6, 2012 transit is the last one until 2117! Image Credit: NASA, TRAACE, LMSAL

This week’s featured stories:

Global Night Sky Deborah Byrd explains the Venus transit on June 5 and 6. Oh, and the partial lunar eclipse on June 4. Will the sky excitement never stop?

Exploring Mars Jorge talks with research geologist John Grotzinger about the Mars Science Laboratory, scheduled to land on the planet Mars on August 5.

Artist concept of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, a mobile robot for investigating Mars' past or present ability to sustain microbial life. Image Credit: NASA

Thanks for listening in!

This week’s musical contributors:


The Black and White Years

One Hundred Flowers

Sleep Good

June 3, 2012

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