EarthSky 22: Get ready for meteors!

Host: Jorge Salazar
Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

ES 22 Producers: Deborah Byrd, Ryan Britton, Emily Howard

Science news of the week:

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft captures images of lightning on the day side of Saturn

The arrow on the left points to a bluish flash of daytime lightning on Saturn. The image is from the Cassini spacecraft, which tracked a great storm that raged on Saturn through much of 2011. The lightning flashes appear brightest in the blue filter of Cassini’s imaging camera on March 6, 2011. Scientists aggressively heightened the blue tint of the image to determine its size and location.

An exoplanet that is smaller than Earth has been detected orbiting red dwarf GJ 436

An ice island twice the size of Manhattan is breaking of the Peterman Glacier in Greenland

June 2012 was the fourth warmest June globally since record keeping began in 1880

Three endangered species of birds in Hawaii are showing signs of recovery

Song of the week:

Slowtrain’s “Not the Only One”

This week’s featured stories:

Meteor Showers Jorge Salazar speaks with skywatcher Deborah Byrd about viewing two meteor showers coming up in late July and through August.

Weird Science: Glowing Wounds Jorge speaks with Ryan Britton about a phenomenon that occurred during the U.S. Civil War, in which some soldier’s wounds were observed to glow and heal faster.

Billions of Habitable Planets Jorge talks with astronomer Stephane Udry about finding habitable planets using HARP, the High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher.

From our vantage point in the Milky Way galaxy, we see the galaxy’s edgewise disk full of stars as a starlit band across our sky. Image Credit: ESO/Z. Bardon, /ProjectSoft

Thanks for listening in to your 22 minutes of science and music!

This week’s musical contributors:


Sleep Good

The Black and White Years

Dana Falconberry

One Hundred Flowers

July 22, 2012

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