EarthSky 22: Doomsday, December solstice, great music

Doomsday? …. Nah! December solstice … Yes! Plus great music from The Shins and more. Press play!

Lead Producer and Host: Mike Brennan

ES 22 Producers: Deborah Byrd, Emily Howard, Jorge Salazar

Science news of the week:

Via Wikimedia

NOAA’s State of the Arctic reported record low sea-ice level

The National Climatic Data Center reported that 2012 will most likely be the warmest year on record for the contiguous U.S.

Biomimicry: Porcupine quills being studied to create new medical adhesives

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft captured images of a “mini-Nile” on Saturn’s moon Titan

Song of the Week:

The Shin’s “No Way Down” from the Spotify Sessions curated by Jim Eno.

Featured This Week:

Spotify Sessions Curated by Jim Eno Jim Eno, producer and drummer of the band Spoon talks about recording the Shins in his studio, Public Hi-Fi, in Austin, TX.

The December Solstice Deborah Byrd and Michael Brennan talk about the solstice and celebrating the new year coming and the days getting longer again!

Doomsday Prophecies Jorge Salazar speaks with professor of Mayan archeology, Kathryn Reese-Taylor about what archeologists know about the Mayan calendar and the 2012 doomsday prophecies.

Thanks for listening in to your 22 minutes of science and music!

This week’s musical contributors:

Sleep Good

The Black and White Years

Mother Falcon

The Shins

One Hundred Flowers

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