EarthSky 22: Are white holes real?

White holes. Bug count via license plate. Cell phones and bees. We’ll tell ya more on this week’s 22. Plus new jams from Ocote Soul Sounds and Quiet Company.

Host: Jorge Salazar
Lead Producer: Mike Brennan

ES 22 Producers: Deborah Byrd, Beth Lebwohl, Ryan Britton, Emily Howard, Eddie Campos

This week’s lineup:

Image Credit: NASA

Global Night Sky Jorge Salazar and Deborah Byrd discuss the possibility of white holes, which are the theoretical opposite of black holes. Could GRB 060614 be a white hole?

Weird Science Ryan Britton talks about citizen science in the Netherlands – counting dead bugs on the license plates of your car.

Water. Beth Lebwohl spoke with Susan Leal, author of the new book Running Out of Water. Leal speaks about innovative ways to recycle water on a large scale.

Do cellphones kill honeybees? Jorge talks with May Berenbaum, renowned entomologist at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, about the current state of honeybees in the U.S., and the science contradicting reports that cellphones kill honeybees.

This week’s musical contributors:

Ocote Soul Sounds

Quiet Company

The Black and White Years

One Hundred Flowers

EarthSky 22