Death Valley Dreamlapse – Part 2!

This awesome new timelapse video includes amazing star trails, the Milky Way, and a pink desert aurora.

After the great response to the original Death Valley Dreamlapse, Sunchaser Pictures decided to give it another go. We’re happy – and we know you will be – that they decided to produce a sequel. Look for the pink aurora during the star trails shot at 1:36 and later in more detail at 2:22. This aurora was made possible due to a CME that happened the night of March 17, 2013 and is a rarity at latitudes as far south as Death Valley.

Check out the original Death Valley Dreamlapse here.

EarthSky had the pleasure to talk with Gavin Heffernan about filming the Geminid meteor shower in the original Death Valley Dreamlapse. Listen to the EarthSky 22 to hear more about what Gavin Heffernan had to say.

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David Callejas