Photos from friends: Hunter’s Moon

Hunter’s Moon gallery photos from all around the world posted by EarthSky’s Facebook friends.

The Hunter’s Moon in 2011 fell during the night of October 11/12 for us in the U.S. We asked you to send us your moon images or post them to the EarthSky Facebook page. Thank you! There were so many, many fantastic images of the 2011 Hunter’s Moon, shining down on us all around the world. Here are some of the best. Enjoy!

Image Credit: Stefano De Rosa

Image Credit: Peter Rodney Breaux.

Image Credit: Peter Rodney Breaux.

Image Credit: Laura Lovino

Image Credit: Kris Salemma

Image Credit: Lux Maassen

Image Credit: Bob Jonson

Image Credit: Angie

Image Credit: Alain Towner

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