EarthSky // Press Released Oct 07, 2011

Listeners hear EarthSky 22 on 35 stations, and counting

EarthSky 22 – 22 minutes of science and music weekly from Austin, Texas, brought to you by the producers of the daily 90-second EarthSky science series – is now airing on 35 broadcast and internet radio stations across the U.S.

Check out this week’s EarthSky 22 – August 7, 2011 – here

EarthSky managing partner Ryan Britton said:

Our daily EarthSky series reaches millions daily, and – by adding a 22-minute weekly show – we aim to reach millions more with the message of science. EarthSky 22 is the best blend of science and music you’ll find anywhere. It’s especially aimed toward a youth audience, but people of all ages have told us how much they enjoy it.

EarthSky 22 host Jorge Salazar and lead producer Mike Brennan chillaxin on a Friday afternoon after releasing the latest EarthSky 22 to stations and fans.

Ed Hewitt of internet radio station said:

Thank you very much for making the 22-minute version of EarthSky available.

Online listeners check out EarthSky 22 here.

New programs – which include a science-news-of-the-week segment – are made available to radio stations by 3 p.m. every Friday. Online listeners can listen to the shows here.

Broadcasters download the show from here – available 3 p.m. every Friday.

The EarthSky promise: “To bring the ideas, strategies, and research results of scientists to people around the world, with the goal of illuminating pathways to a sustainable future.”