EarthSky’s Cielo y Tierra doubles network in six months

Only six months after its debut on U.S. radio stations, EarthSky’s Spanish-language science radio series Cielo y Tierra, la clara voz de la ciencia, has doubled its number of broadcast outlets around the nation. Cielo y Tierra’s network has grown from 60 radio stations at launch to 120 in March, 2008.

‘We’re very proud of how far we’ve come in the past six months. It takes a dedicated team of people working together to create the program,’ said Erika Montero, senior producer of Cielo y Tierra. ‘We’re looking forward to continuing to expand the reach and impact of this groundbreaking Spanish radio series. It’s an important mission to bring the latest science news and information to the Hispanic community.’

Spanish-language public radio networks, including Radio Campesina, Radio Manantial, and World Radio Network, are now broadcasting Cielo y Tierra, which is produced by EarthSky Communications, Inc., in Austin, Texas. In addition, Cielo y Tierra, la clara voz de la ciencia is broadcast by Radio Bilingue’s 6 network stations and 100 affiliates during their talk show on the environment, Aire Libre.

March 25, 2008

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