EarthSky // Press Released Feb 07, 2012

EarthSky videos premiere on popular Galavisión program Detrás del Saber

EarthSky en Español video segments – featuring scientists from across the U.S. – premiere this week (February 6, 2012) on Galavisión (USA), an American Spanish-language television channel owned by Univision Communications, Inc. The two- to three-minute EarthSky en Español videos are being broadcast on the popular program Detrás del Saber, with each program having its premiere Monday-Thursday at 8:30 p.m. Central Standard Time, and with multiple broadcast times thereafter in 2012.

These videos are made possible by a grant to EarthSky from the National Science Foundation (NSF). As part of the work of the grant, EarthSky will be having the videos evaluated by professional media evaluators, with the goal of learning to reach Spanish-preferring Hispanic audiences with more science.

Galavision is a premium cable offering, and it’s also available on satellite: DirecTV channel 404 and Dish Network channel 273 and 833.

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If you want to see specific segments, their release dates are as follows:

Monday, February 6
Piero Gardinali is developing better ways to clean human waste water as a way to save the Florida Everglades from drying up

Tuesday, February 7
Aztec Turquoise
Joaquin Ruiz studied isotopes in Aztec turquoise to determine their origin, hundreds of miles away

Wednesday, February 8
Dark Matter
Graciela Gelmini explains the composition of our universe

Thursday, February 9
Caribbean Reefs
Ligia Collado Vides talks about threats to Caribbean reefs

Monday, February 13
Disabilities and Computers
Armando Barreto designs computers for people who lack the use of their hands

Tuesday, February 14
Nanotechnology and Disease Detection
Vladimiro Mujica designs a new device that quickly and effectively detects malaria and dengue fever

Wednesday, February 15
JUNO Mission to Saturn
Michela Muñoz on the JUNO mission to Saturn

Thursday, February 16
Mars Science Laboratory
Alejandro Miguel San Martin on the new Mars rover, the Mars Science Laboratory

Monday, February 20
Nopales and Diabetes
Eloy Rodriguez says eating Nopales benefits people with Diabetes

Tuesday, February 21
Nutrition and the Brain
Fernando Gomez-Pinilla explains how you are what you eat, especially your brain

Wednesday, February 22
Amazon Fires
Katia Fernandes is designing better weather forecasting for the Amazons in an effort to minimize damage from agricultural slash-and-burn fires

Thursday, February 23
Cattle Ticks
Patricia Pietrantonio explains the threats cattle ticks pose

Monday, February 27
Daniel Ruiz Carrascal on the threats climate change poses to paramos, an important South American water source

The EarthSky promise: “To bring the ideas, strategies, and research results of scientists to people around the world, with the goal of illuminating pathways to a sustainable future.”