Earth & Sky radio series now on cell phones

EarthSky Communications, Inc. – a clear voice for science on radio and web – announced today that radio shows in its popular, internationally syndicated EarthSky radio series are now available to mobile phone users. EarthSky’s science content is currently available to more than 40 million subscribers through Mobilcast, which has partnered with AT&T and Alltel Axcess (the nation’s largest cellphone carrier) along with six other international carriers, to enable subscribers to access podcasts, music, and news from hundreds of sources.

Mobile phone users can begin enjoying EarthSky’s content by utilizing the Mobilcast software on their phones. Visit to download the software to a cell phone.

Currently, the EarthSky radio series is distributed on over 1,600 radio stations and is heard some eight million times per day worldwide by radio listeners.

EarthSky founder and executive producer Deborah Byrd said, ‘Since 1991, EarthSky has produced over 5,000 two-minute, 90-second and 60-second radio shows – plus 8- to 14-minute podcasts – featuring scientists explaining their work. Studies show that people enjoy hearing from scientists directly. We look forward to new audiences enjoying and learning about the contribution of science to 21st century solutions from EarthSky Communications via mobile phone technology.’

July 3, 2007

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