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Video: Watching solstices and equinoxes from space

See how sunlight falls on Earth’s surface during the solstices and equinoxes, and get a better understanding of why Earth’s tilt causes the seasons.

Astronomers see a black hole eating a star

Astronomers now have the 1st direct image of a black hole ripping apart a star. The star-stuff goes into a disk surrounding the hole, and it’s also ejected back to space in powerful jets.

Tick’s worst day ever preserved 100 million years

A bit of amber preserved a drama from 100 million years ago, an interaction between a tick and a spider.

Summer solstice at Stonehenge

Why do people gather at Stonehenge in England on the solstice? Info and photos here.

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Summer solstice tale of 2 cities

On the June solstice, the sun will set at the same time in New York City and St. Augustine, Florida. But New York will have an hour more of daylight. How’s that happen?

More wildlife now working the night shift

It’s getting harder for wild animals to find human-free spaces on Earth. New research suggests that human disturbance is creating a more nocturnal natural world.

3D view of Amazon rainforest canopy

A rainforest canopy can reach 15 to 20 stories high. It’s an ecosystem unto itself. Now – to study drought effects – scientists have made the 1st 3D measurements of rainforest canopies in the Brazilian Amazon.

The slowest sunsets happen around now

We’re talking about the number of minutes it takes for the body of the sun to sink below your western horizon. Fastest at the equinoxes, slowest at the solstices.

All you need to know: June solstice 2018

The solstice happens this week. Longest day for the Northern Hemisphere. Shortest day for the Southern Hemisphere. Either way … a good time to celebrate!

See it! Young moon and Venus

Over several days this weekend, the moon swept near the brightest planet, Venus, in the west after sunset. Thanks to all who contributed photos! Editor’s picks, here …

Kilauea volcano lava river flows to sea

Kilauea volcano’s Fissure 8 has produced a large, channelized lava flow that’s acted like a river, eating through the landscape, finally producing clouds of steamy, hazardous “laze” as hot lava meets the cold ocean.

Life at Alpha Centauri? Maybe, NASA says

Could life exist on planets in the star system closest to ours, Alpha Centauri? Dangerous X-ray radiation makes it unlikely for the single exoplanet found so far. But new data suggest better odds for any new planets yet to be discovered.

Bees understand the concept of zero

Scientists just learned that honeybees can understand the concept of zero. That puts bees in an elite club of clever animals – some birds, monkeys, humans – that can grasp the abstract notion of nothing.