Surprising number of exoplanets could host life

A new study suggests that distant stars in our Milky Way galaxy might be orbited by as many as 7 Earth-like planets, in the absence of a gas giant planet like Jupiter.

Images show Martian night sky pulsing with ultraviolet light

Vast areas of Mars’ nightside atmosphere glow and pulsate with ultraviolet light, according to images from NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft.

What is a waning crescent moon?

You’ll find a waning crescent moon in the east before sunrise. It’s waning toward new moon, when the moon will be between the Earth and sun.

Perseid meteors 2020: All you need to know

In 2020, the peak mornings for the Perseid meteor shower – August 11, 12 and 13 – will feature meteors under moonlight. Still, the Perseids are bright. We expect a good number to overcome the moonlight. Here’s how to optimize your chances.

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A deep, giant cloud disruption found on Venus

Researchers have discovered a giant atmospheric wave-like phenomenon in Venus’ lower atmosphere, unlike anything else seen in the solar system. Evidence shows it has existed since at least 1983, but went completely undetected until now.

These dogs are trained to sniff out the coronavirus

Scientists have been working with professional trainers in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales to train dogs to sniff out Covid-19. Most of the dogs have a 100% success rate.

A surprising spiral around a planet factory

A new image of the planet-forming disk around the young star RU Lup reveals a beautiful and unexpected massive spiral of gas, reminiscent of a spiral galaxy.

What is a globular cluster?

Unlike the open star clusters – containing sibling stars, scattered through the disk of our galaxy and presumably other galaxies – globular clusters are big, symmetrical and old, like an earthly city’s oldest and most staid citizens.

Last quarter moon is August 11

The moon reaches its last quarter phase on August 11, 2020, at 04:44 UTC.

Mars big as the moon on August 27?

We can’t believe it. One of the most popular articles at EarthSky this week is the one asking, will Mars be as big as the moon on August 27? Short answer … no. This hoax has been circulating since 2003.

Top tips for watching the Perseids in 2020

On the expected peak mornings of 2020’s Perseid meteor shower – August 11, 12 and 13 – a waning moon will be shining, too. Here’s how to minimize the moon and optimize the Perseids.

Could ice sheets, not rivers, have formed the channels on Mars?

New research suggests that many of Mars’ ancient channels, thought to have been carved by flowing surface water, were formed instead by meltwater beneath glacial ice sheets.

Satellites discover new penguin colonies from space

Satellite images have revealed 11 previously unknown emperor penguin colonies in Antarctica, identified by telltale reddish-brown guano stains the birds leave on the ice.