Colleen Gino
Location Polvadera, New Mexico, USA
Date and Time Taken January 23, 2016, 6 AM MST
Story behind the image I live in a fairly rural part of central New Mexico so I have very dark skies. I take advantage of our dark skies as often as possible and am usually out at some point in the late night or early morning looking for something to photograph. After checking I was excited to see that there would be a nice, high, long ISS pass that would be over the five planets. In the end I could only see four planets, due to the cloud cover on the horizon. I’m still very happy with the shot and it looks just as I envisioned.
Equipment Details Nikon D810 with Rokinon 12mm fish eye lens at f/4. ISO 1250, 30 second exposures. There are 15 exposures covering the time span of 6:02 to 6:13 AM
Post-processing Details 15 images stacked in Photoshop to get the complete ISS pass. On the 14 layers above the base layer everything but the ISS pass is masked out to avoid star trails. Planets and pass labeled. The trail that crosses the ISS at the right is a contrail. This is a very small file; if you are interested in a larger one I would be happy to provide it!

January 26, 2016

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