A woman pictured with her six-month-old twin and nine-year-old d

Tiru, a 25-year-old widowed mother of five, in Miyo, Oromia Region, Ethiopia, considered one of the worst affected drought areas in Southern Ethiopia. Tiru was with her two 6 month old twins, Gorore and Tadhala and her 9 year old daughter.

?I lost my husband when I was pregnant with my twins, due to sickness. We used to work together, we had cattle then. We lost our 2 cattle because of the drought. We also watered crops for the rich farmers. I now do this alone. It is very difficult with two babies to work. My income is much less. I can no longer support my children. My father is old. He was able to support me at the start but now cannot.?

Community health workers visited Tiru?s village a month ago. They advised that the twins needed screening for malnutrition. The twins were then admitted to the outpatients nutrition programme, provided with plumpy nut (peanut butter with high nutritional content) for 3 weeks. The child pictured is now ready to be discharged. When she was admitted she weighed 4.5kg, but after 3 weeks she now weighs 5.2 kg. This is considered to be acceptable and she no longer requires support.
Her twin sister is almost there. She probably needs another week before she can be discharged from the programme.

August 16, 2011

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