Sun’s entry into zodiac signs, 2021

Every year, at the December solstice, the sun enters the sign Capricorn. One month later, on January 19, 2021, the sun will enter the sign Aquarius. Look here for the dates for the sun’s entry into each sign of the zodiac for the year 2021.

No leap second for December 31, 2020

World timekeepers have decreed there will be no leap second on December 31, 2020.

Famous Earthrise photo taken on Christmas Eve

A Christmas Eve photograph showed humans their home world from a whole new perspective. This is the photo that’s said to have launched the environmental movement. It’s “Earthrise,” the iconic photo taken by astronaut William Anders on the 4th orbit of the moon aboard Apollo 8 on December 24, 1968.

New strain of Covid-19 explained

A new strain of the virus that causes Covid-19 appears to be spreading fast in the the UK. Why it matters that the coronavirus is changing, and what it means for vaccine effectiveness.

Personal solstices

Photos from EarthSky community members around the world, showing what the December solstice – bringing winter to half of Earth, and summer to the other half – means to them. Thanks to all of you for sharing these evocative images with us!

Jupiter and Saturn, annotated, above holidays lights.

Will Jupiter and Saturn appear as one star in 2020?

Jupiter and Saturn – the 2 biggest planets in our solar system – are very close together on December 21. Will they look like one star? Some answers here. Plus, possible astronomical explanations for the Star of Bethlehem or Christmas star.

What are your chances of a white Christmas this year?

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Here’s a map depicting which places in the US have the best chance of being snowy on Christmas Day 2020.

Is that a UFO?! There’s probably an explanation

Most Unidentified Flying Objects aren’t actually unidentified. Here’s a list of phenomena, either natural or human-made, that people often mistake for UFOs.

What’s the birthstone for December?

If you were born in December, you’ve got 2 birthstones, turquoise and zircon.

Photo of a northern mockingbird.

Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count starts December 14

The Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count is one of the longest-running community science projects in existence. Learn how to join the count here.