Want cleaner roadside air? Plant hedges

To improve air quality near urban roads, scientists from the Global Centre for Clean Air Research recommend planting hedges that can trap air pollutants.

Green dragon aurora over Iceland

Do you see the dragon in this green aurora that appeared over Iceland earlier this month? It’s an example of what’s called pareidolia.

Could cockroaches survive a nuclear apocalypse?

Cockroaches have a reputation for resilience, even when it comes to surviving a nuclear bomb and radiation – but will they really outlive us all?

Florescent green aurora. Sky criss-crossed with wires and telephone poles.

Watch: Aurora borealis over HAARP

Never-before-seen footage of night skies over the HAARP antenna array in remote northern Alaska.

A portion of Stonehenge, with massive upright stones and long shadows.

Stonehenge mystery solved?

A new study suggests that Europe’s ancient megaliths, including Stonehenge, might have stemmed from a single hunter-gatherer culture in what’s now northwestern France.

Today in science: Galileo’s birthday

Happy 455th birthday to one of the first modern scientists, Galileo. With the aid of an early telescope, he helped remove Earth from the center of the universe.

Today in science: The Chelyabinsk meteor

On February 15, 2013, a small incoming asteroid created a meteor – brighter than the sun – over Russia. It exploded in the air over the city of Chelyabinsk.

For you, Valentine: 10 reasons we fall in love

On this Valentine’s Day 2019, what the world of science suggests about the mystery we call love.

Just for fun: Tour alien worlds

Some fun multimedia from NASA, including (free) Exoplanet Travel Bureau posters, cool 360-degree visualizations, and a journey into the life and death of planetary system.

Today in science: Spacecraft destroys sundog

When a NASA spacecraft lifted off from Cape Canaveral on February 11, 2010, it destroyed a sundog in Earth’s atmosphere – bringing to light a new form of ice halo – and teaching those who love the sky something new.